Comparing PEOs (Professional Employment Organization) & ASOs (Payroll Only)


Time Savings PEO ASO
Process payroll, prints and distributes checks YES YES
Calculates and deposits Federal, FICA, FUTA, SUTA and local taxes YES YES
Helps administer workers’ compensation claims YES NO
Procures and administers benefit plans, including 401(K) YES NO
Employee Benefits PEO ASO
Administers group health insurance, dental coverage, life insurance YES NO
Provides a 401(K) plan YES NO
Provides other supplemental voluntary insurance products YES NO
Risk Management PEO ASO
Assumes liability for timely payment of all payroll taxes YES NO
Maintains employee personnel files for improved government compliance YES NO
Provides I-9 and W-4 verification and maintenance under government guidelines YES NO
Improved Cash Flow PEO ASO
Eliminates penalties associated with late tax payments and non-compliance YES NO
Workers’ Compensation YES NO
Reduces accounting costs YES NO


Businesses use a PEO to ...

  • Control costs;
  • Save time and paperwork hassles;
  • Ensure professional compliance with state and federal laws and regulations;
  • Reduce turnover;
  • Attract better employees;
  • Enhance employee morale;
  • Simplify claims management for workers' comp and unemployment insurance;
  • Provide better benefits packages;
  • Offer professional human resource services;
  • Reduce accounting costs.

Employees will benefit from ...

  • Comprehensive benefits previously unavailable;
  • Improved employer/employee communications;
  • Payroll that is on-time and accurate;
  • Professional assistance with employment-related problems;
  • Professional orientation;
  • Statuary protection;
  • Access to current information on labor regulations and workers' rights;
  • Improved worksite security;
  • Efficient and responsive claims processing;
  • Portable benefits (employees can move from one PEO client to another without loss of eligibility for benefits).
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